Your Life And Mine

What is it about life
that always makes it go
why when you just become one
life decideds to let you know
it’s such a fleeting thing
all the times shared
and foolish arguments
the laughter and the silly games
the time spent in each others arms
all seem so far away
it’s unfair to lay
you heard down at night
just not knowing anymore
all the screaming doesn’t count
with no doors left to slam shut
all the work built up to trust
till you finally open up
to find the comfort
to leave nothing unsaid and done
and in a senseless moment
one life is gone
gone you maybe my dear friend
but this doesn’t mean the end
with what we shared
and became to be
you’ll always be so very deep
inside of me
though breath and life we’re short
your love and memory
will always be
long after the trill is gone
your life and mine
will go on.

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