You Will Always Be My Baby

Praying for someone whom I can lean on
Every single moment of my life
During the sentimental days and nights
Reaching out for someone to love me
On my surprise, you came into my life.

Looking deep into your brown eyes,
And I knew that you’re the answer to my prayer
Cause you filled my life with laughter;
Stop the pain in my heart that shattered;
One day I realize how easily your heart melts mine.
Now that I fell for you, even in a short span of time.

I know that you care and will always be here with me.
Looking forward each day, to wrap your arms around me.
On the world we call our own and with the special moments we share,
Visions of love, that no one else can dare to compare.
Even though, we both know my love, nothing last forever;
You choose to take the risk just to stay with me and be happy together.
One thing I’m sure of is that your love completes me and makes me happy,
Unfaithful as I may seem, but I know in my heart, you will always be my baby.

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2 Responses on “You Will Always Be My Baby”

Pedro says:

Always remember this poem… and i hope whereever u r and what evedr u do, when u read this poem, it will make you “SMILE” and think of “ME”… Take Care Always… God Bless! mwahhhhh…

Sweetthang says:

You will always be my baby.Ilove you

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