Wish u could b mine

Don’t know still how it happened ,,
Or even when did it happen ..
I should have been very happy for u ,,
Wonder why I am actually so sad ..

Someday ,, Sometime ,, along the dreamy story ,,
From being just formal to dearest buddy ..
Somehow you became my favorite habit ..
Silly me ,, blindly relished the delight ,,
Of the treasure that wasn’t mine ..

Lost in your thoughts ,, night & day ,,
Linking our names ,, linking our lives ..
Picturizing us together ,, every possible way ..
Every time you teased ~ “I was the one” ,, How I wished ,,
My only wish ~ those magic words ,, could be true even once ..

Destiny has taken the final turn ,,
the old times ,, the old you ,,
Nothing could be same ,,
Now no one can return ..

From that first day to this ,,
countless hours passing like minutes ..
If someone could bring those moments back to me ,,
I wish you could be mine ,, mine only ..

And, if life’s wheel could take a U – Turn ..
I would steal you for myself ,, away from all ..
Your sweet & naughty talks ,, am badly gonna miss ..
Engraved deep in my heart foreva till I live ,,
All the beautiful – loving memories ..

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