Whenever I See U…

Whenever i see ur face
dnt know y my heart beat become abstain

whenever i see u smile
dnt knw y my eyes become stagnant on ur face

whenever u r with me
dnt knw y i feel myself a part of world

whenever u see at me
dnt knw y the air seems to have different colours for me.

whenever i feel ur absence
dnt knw y my body become insensitive

and than i close my eyes to see ur smiling
face looking at me proved ur presence..

i dnt knw what it is bt i just wanted to be with u….

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2 Responses on “Whenever I See U…”

sina says:

I Love this Poem this is nice and it can build the affairs of other people out there

saurabh says:

Thnx a lot…:)..

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