Way Back To You

Too many years
All those childish fear
Had passed me by
I’m walking own road
Through mountain fields
I no longer care
What they say
How I feel about who I am
Or how they think
I should be
The paths that I’ve walk
The miles that
I’ve put to my heels
Haves show’n me
Who I am and how I feel
Now I’m on a path
That I always should have been
My vision is clear
My heat is the same
Now I’m heading back home
I hope you still the same
They say life comes and go
Oh I don’t know
I heard it whispered
It’s never quiet too late
To correct my wrongs
Oh I hope what they say is true
As I’m walking my way to you
The stars are closer now
And autum’n setting in
But nothing will set
Till I’ve made my way back to you.

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Elham says:

Sure itwill begreat,Jhoyce.

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