Verre Heart

Have good bayed to your city, I have lost everything for you
Never come back, you’ll die finding someone like me.
Thought you will shore me up but you left me in a holed one.
Go on running behind the beautiful faces same as you.
You ruthless! crushed my dreams and happiness, one by one.
Think I can’t live without you, then forgot it about me.
In my feet there are thousands rolling like you, don’t care you.
Also true, just on your name, can live life alone, or die.
But you are the alone person who don’t care for my verre heart.
Try my best to vanish every memory but don’t succeed.
I pretend, am not in love, I hate you but this whole is not so true.
Trying to find reason, for saving innocent life of mine.
You don’t want, talk about me, am always lost in dreams of you.
You are the only reason for running sweet life of mine.
Heart is broken but in every piece of ‘verre’ it’s just and only you.
You’ll remain forever in the songs and poems of mine.
(c.k as oliver)

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