Two Hearts Had Found A Place

So i looked into my heart
saw you standing there
you looked about to turn
i saw it coming on
i pulled my wrap around my chest
to try to hold you in
but you were determine not to stay
so i faced the northern wind
smiling like a fool
with your hair blowing in the wind
i watch you running free
so numble and so quick
where the touching of your feet
with the eachos in my ear
i watch you fly into the night
i knew my heart was right
the more i saw you fly
as i turn to go
walk away for good
i feel the need to stay
but i kept upon my way
when your words fell sofly
on my ear
where you may go
whatever you may know
i’ll be within my heart
from our you’ll never part
a kiss fell on my cheeck
a smile came accross my face
for two hearts had found a place
they’d never had to leave.

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