Today Comes Only Once

In most people’s eyes
including your own
i would never get
the chance to love you
in their eyes in yours
we live a much different life
separated by years
a distance to far away
to try to over come
the ways the world are strange
all limits we place our selves
to prevent life from being lived
trying to guide its path
we miss out in all it wants
never seems to be
how struggle to be free
as we say this cant be done
but what is it when life is gone
we sit alone looking back thinking of what might had been
all the foolishness that prevented
us from being seen
you know today only comes once
we can live it or let it pass
in the nonsense people have to say
which way we choose
today comes only once
and tomorrow never does
should we really let it become
years down the road
what we sit and wonder
of oh what might had been.

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