Stranger In My Eyes

I know a man who happened to be
Someone who always care for me.
He gave me his love and loyalty,
With him I’m always happy.

I know this man for so long,
Long enough to call him my own
I thought that our love will last for long
Long enough as forevermore…

I thought that he always cared
I thought that he is always fair
I thought that I knew him that much
Not until he lied to me so much…

As I look into his eyes, I see no one
No one that used to care
No one that used to love
No one that I can call my own
For I know my love is with someone’s home.

As each day of my life passes by
I find it hard to believe that
Someone that I once knew
Will be someone that I hardly knew
A man who is now a stranger in my eyes…

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