Start Over Again

Once upon a time, we felt love,
Once upon a time, we fall out of love.
For once in our life we have to decide,
For what’s good there is in store for us.

For once, we have to admit our mistakes,
For once, we have to be sensitive in each other’s feelings.
For once, we have to be firm in our actions.
For once, we have to act us one.

For once, you’ve said forget the past,
For once, you’ve said we have to move on.
For once, you’ve said let’s make our love last,
For once, twice, thrice you’ve said…
Let’s just forget the past and start over again…

How can we forget the past and move on?
If we keep on doing the things we shouldn’t do…
How can we make our love last my love?
If we never felt the same way as before…
How can we start over again my love?
If it’s easier said than done my love, to start over again…

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