As our relationship
takes this unwanted path
i struggle each moment
to find my way
i long to hear your voice
if even for a moment
that it might give me guidance
through this amazed of pain
that keeps hunting me
i dont know if the nights
are harder than the days
for neither seem to give
comfort to the life
i struggle to live
i now know what’s it like
to have to remember to breathe
what’s it like
to wake up empty
hours before the dawn
and feeling the pain
within my chest flow through my eyes
i took a chance
without regrets found
and shared something
two in a million rarely get
to share all the while
i knew that as far as i was falling
if i was ever forced to stop
i might not be able to
so when you ask how im doing
im still in my free fall
and never would guessed
being eleminated from your life
would be so very hard
for through all my daily tears
and loneliness
my passion for you remains
though i know
i’ll eventually survive
i can’t even begin to imagine
it with you for to me
though i know one day
get over the pain
i must have no desire
or for now give up hope
we will someday
someway be together
even though i know
oneday that unwanted path
will come again.

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