September Rain

Come here dear, listen to the sound of rain
The cold raining water splashed, bites my tongue
The time is right I could never complain
‘Tis enough to turn us forever young.

Rainfall gives us solitary moment
Nothing worst could come now, thou rest assured.
Thy love warms my world being my battlement.
Time for lovers, blending as the rain poured.

Here stands tonight, an angel next to me
The beat’s so soft and together we sway.
Tears freeze in time, September wanes slowly
Hours of loneliness have faded away

Hear the voice, splatter on the roof afire
This flame through water is burning, I might
Quench my thirst for thy lips of my desire
With a kiss how thou stole my heart tonight

Close your eyes of glowing crystal roses
Hear September rain sings with a new tone
Let’s enjoy our passion through sweet kisses,
Lost in the sound of rain before ‘tis gone

Once, September will come around in time,
We shalt see our love, blooming in its prime.

Category: Love Poems

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