Only To You

I’ve had a secret
For more than half my life
I’ve never spoken
Though I felt everyday
Things have come
Things have gone
Sometimes its been
It and alone
I keep it buried deep inside
Always searching someplace to hide
I’ve live it well
Got so many stories
That I can tell
Some are fool just barely getting by
Some like cold northern breeze
Blowing from the cape
But in the end there is no scape
Just as dark fade away
Melted by the light of day
Secret live and find their way
All these years I’ve tried to hide
My secret followed by my side
And here we are standing all alone
Realizing what has come
What has gone
So here it is
My secret live no more
For more than half my life
You’ve been the one
You’ve pulled me through
My darkness night
You’ve been there in each step I took
Who knows how the future looks
But I lay my secret down
Will you take my hand
keep me walking
On solid ground
Only to you

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