Only If ..

Lost all hopes tat u cud evr b mine ..
Though you nevr wre,, stil rmmbr da day,,
Ven i hd d b’ful dream frst tym ..
Longing to meet u ,, only crave to b wit u ,,
Day dreamg,, planning,, prayng alws..
Whn v’d meet ,, wat we wud do ..
Counting moments,, wn i wd get to
carve sm precious bful memrys wd u ..
Da Day,, so wunnrful wn v vr togthr fst tim ,,
da chattr,, d stalls,, ur teasng nd laughng ..
Those few hrs passd lik a short wintr nyt ..
Sands of time kpt muving on ,, lyk numreous waves n tides ..
Waitng to hear ur honey voice ,, all i wish ~ is to see ur breath tkng smile ..
Holding hands .. jus cuddled wd u ,, iz a dream i cud giv all mah joys for ..
Whn u r dre,, I’m cmplte .. nthg seems to mttr ,, Da wrld dsnt exist ..
Rmmbrng ur luvly tlks mkes my day ,, Thnkng of u i smile all d tym..
A sneek peek at u frm d cornr of my eye ,, nd I am lost .. mesemerized ,,
Crazy fantasys,, stupid desirez ,, jus glancing at u mkes me go wild..
Oh! cnt tel .. hw my heart thumps at tyms n skips a beats smtyms only wen aroun u ,,
U r d gem of my lyf,, cnt explain,, intense lik flames ,, my feelgs for you ..
Wil luv u all thru d way til my last breath ,, vl surely do ..
Only once,, if i cud embrace u or feel ur silken touch ..
hug you for a moment or linger onto ur smell ..
Howevr far fate tks u away,,
Dre in my heart u’l alwz stay .. <3 <3

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