No Doubt

I know we are not the same people; we are battling North and South.
I have the belief that God made you for me, there is no doubt.
I know that life with me is a challenge everyday.
I do, I say, and I bring things that make you think and say. How can I make it another day?
I do not know how to change.
And it may sound strange.
I swear, I do not mean to cause you pain.
Or even cause you the slightest strain.
You are the one that I love.
The one who fits around me like a glove
The one who holds my sun, moon and stars
My life’s water, that is who you are,
I apologize for putting the clouds in your sky.
But without the clouds, to make a little rain, all would go dry.
I know in my heart of hearts, you are the sunshine that brightens my cloudy day.
I know how I make you crazy, I don’t mean too, or know what else to say.
All I can tell you is I love, that much is true.
I do not want to lose you,
Or driver you away.
That is a price I never want to pay.
Please forgive me that is all I can ask.
I know that it is an on going task.
This is our Battle you the North
And me the South, But know that I love you there is NO DOUBT!

Category: Love Poems

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