Never A Last

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be written
My last poem for you
It will hurt too much
To be afraid to speak to you
Scared that I will have to stop my words
And resist writing another poem
I was going to tell you
How I had loved you
How my heart ached
When you hurt me
And how well I have to move on
But maybe it’s for the best I don’t
This way,I’ll always have you
And you’ll always have
A piece of my heart
That’s been broken and mended;tiny size
But nevertheless your’s to keep
Yes,I have move on
But this doesn’t mean
I have to say good bye
I’ll always love you somehow
Just in a different part of my heart
It’s better for us all this way
My poem to you never a last
Maybe i’m just selfish
Holding on to you
But my last poem for you
Wasn’t meant to be written
And you’ll never know
That i’m writting for you…..

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dame u can wright some poems they are all great!!!!!!

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