My Reasons For Loving You

They said that love is blind?
Do you believe in that?
I don’t coz i don’t love you
coz you are handsome,
or that you are rich.
But I love you
for you are so good to me,
for you are rich with your love to me,
for you are my baby,
and my dear husband.
I love you for who you are,
I accept you for what you have,
I need you coz i know i do love you.
There’s a lot of reasons for why I do love you.
Not only for good things but for the bad things.
I do promise to share all my life with you.
I know loving you has a lot of reasons
Sometimes i am clueless, i just listen to
what my heart says,and i don’t think deep on
what my mind says.
But surely i assure you the two things my heart and
my mind says same thing I love you.

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