My Humble Friend

It has been a long journey
it made an obvious point
after all those years
there you are
always by myside
how you are willing
supporting me at any cost
of all the things
you’re always on the protective side
i can’t explain how glad i am
to that sort of total love you’ve shown
though i might not have deserve it
i realized how luck i am
for having had a chance
to have you as my friend
the magnificent of you
that always make me treasure
those moment we shared
you always lend an ear
as you’ve often proved
how much you really care
i hope that you’re doing okay
im not sure if you need to know
but i thank you anyway for simply being you.

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5 Responses on “My Humble Friend”

chalene says:

i love you friend mmmmwwuahh!!!



Clairvoyantdestiny(Jhoyce) says:

“I have the same feeling-THANK YOU :)”

Daisy says:

Thank you for being such a good friend!

Terry Mcdee says:


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