My Adoration

The last few days I realized,
just exactly what you mean to me,
you’ve brought back feelings forbidden,
you’ve set my heart free.
I realized how much I love you,
how much I truly care,
I had given you my very life,
take it off, if you dare.
For you I had handed you my heart,
for you I had given my life,
And also you my soul,
the day when you had called me your” wife.”
For you I’d live to support you,
in any way I’m able,
for you I’d die to protect you,
that is no lie or fable.
For you I had given everything,
my mind, my soul, my heart,
I had been through with you through anything,
I couldn’t live to see us part.
For you I’ll be the best,
a woman could ever be,
for you I would hold you to the last,
I could never flee.
For you I’ll show you true love,
as you have shown in me,
for you I’d give my final breath,
I surrender my heart to thee.
Be it chance or fate,
that brought you here to me,
my life is yours to do with,
I surrender my heart to thee.

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