Love Merchant

Killer with eyes brown, marches alone in white gown,
Inner beauty makes dame extra fine.
Lips locked and stylish walk and her eyes down,
Rays are adding beauty, hairs a shine.
Every eye focused on, why the beauty”s walking alone,
Dame turns a rue, and no she’s gone.
Many named one love merchant and got love’s warrant.
Enigmatic smile, takes million hearts a time,
Luckily got chance to talk, was bind in locks of relations.
Was banned to love, and yes to her ‘mine’.
Was in hurry to die, wanted to dig her own grave.
Fake are relations, can’t live like slave.
She had got tired fighting with all various situations,
Wished her not to give life’s explanations.
After this sad departure, I got an only conclusion.
Yes, man changes with passage of time,
Outer happiness comes unreal, when inside’s torn by time.

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