Love iZ PAin..

My stomach turns when I think of you
And it makes me so sick
It hurts to get over someone you love so much
Sometimes it just makes you want to cry
Its when you love someone but they dont love you
And you love them so much it hurts
When someone makes you wait for an answer and you never get it
Or when they aren’t ready yet but you thought they were
That’s when love hurts
Its when you want them to notice you love them
And they ignore all the signs
But most of all when your with the one person you love for what seems like forever
And they just leave without looking back or saying good-bye
That’s when love really hurts
So I take this knife and stab it through your heart
And hope you never love again
Only because love hurts..

Category: Love Poems

2 Responses on “Love iZ PAin..”

BRAINY says:

Hopelessly romantic! WOW

kadine says:

every single word, line and stanza is true!!!!!!!!!!!!

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