Listening to the Rain

There is nothing quiet like
sitting here observing my thought
and listening to the whispers
of my heart
i find more positively
with a pleasant feeling
listening to the rain
falling and hitting the windows
something great about the rain
that reminds me
how we love each other
with no conditions and with out limits
the way you’ve show’d me
to accept everything that is
as it is
the rain that falling and hitting the windows
somehow helped me in curiosity
to search for the truth of what
is all about you
with those eyes of black
like ravening at night
wishing you here beside me so clear.

One Comment on “Listening to the Rain”

mounya.lisa says:

i use to sit for hours watching the rain falling outside my window,listening to the sweet sound when the drops of rain touch every thing on this earth,i couldn’t describe its beauty but i found it here in this poetry….

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