L_V_ of The Greeks

In the night of the crowds
When the steel-beast arrives
In the midst of the mists
Walking across the seas

The need to stand strong
is what makes the journey worth
The adventure and friendship
is the thing that bind us together

Out of nothing
Desire to have something
On the surface laughing
On the inside wandering

Could this be…
Is this it ?
Can I believe this ?
Is time the only answer ?

Life is beautiful
Day is so wonderful
Emptiness is the past
Sadness… Is it a word ?

Foolishness is the beginning
Understanding is collapsing
Relation is breaking
Thunder finally striking

State of mind twisting
Rationalism haunting
Empiricism is clutching
Still I can’t find the answer

Shall I drown in this sea ?
Shall I float in this sea ?
All I know, I still flowing…
…and believe in you

Category: Love Poems

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