You told me once you’ve always liked my lips on yours at night.
Well here I am, right by your side, to your unknown delight.
It’s only ten o’clock and you’re already fast asleep.
I guess that’ll be a good thing ’cause I’d hate to hear you weep.
For every time I run my fingers through your silky hair,
I wonder how you’ll fare in an environment without air?

When nobody can hear you, it won’t matter if you scream;
Perhaps you will be praying that you’re dying in a dream.
But even then it’s me who’ll leave your prayers in a wreck
With all my fingers wrapped around your cold and icy neck.
My tender smile is sure to show as soon as I can see
Your pallid face starts giving in and wanting sympathy.

Abhor me not, my dearest love, for I’ve done nothing wrong!
This room though dead from your neglect is where our hearts belong,
Thus justifies the placement of my right hand on your chest.
I know the game is rigged, my dear, but now you can’t protest
Against my acts of righteousness ’cause I am too hell-bent
On setting things the way I want without your prior consent.

While eye for eye and tooth for tooth leaves both of us in pain,
It’s better if I settle this before I go insane.
So rest assured: I swear to bring a great deal of malaise
That’s bad enough to make you think of me for several days.
This night is young—I’ll take my time to breathe life into you,
And should this nightmare never end… you’ll sleep forever too.

Category: Love Poems

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