In Between Next Call

You are one of the closest person
i have very important
one of whom i always respect
just hurts when a blink of an eye
of your own choosing
you replace your kindness
to a negative attitudes
always searching for some way
for time to be mean
not louder than a whisper
sharp ears heard the words
you give out behind my back
theres no need to put oil
for the lamp to keep burning
my soul was searching out
the reasons to my why’s
i couldn’t resist but feeling hurt
to what you have become
but i tried to overcome my sadness
with forgiveness
it took a long road to come back here
to where we had once been
but it made me happier that i’ve ever been when once again
you knocked at my door
thought it may be few years
in between next call
it made us feel whatever
or whatever it may be we can
in order to stay together.

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