Imperative Love

The roof so strong,
Prop up by the pillar’s bond.
If love is roof,
Then pillars are “trusts”, “belief”, “understanding”, “caring” proof.
If pillars are frail and weak,
The roof cracks and falls sick.
The need of pillar is imperative to roof,
It has to be unbreakable to craft love, a factual proof.
The walls are “cooperation” and doors are “protection”.
Devoid of which love becomes isolation.
Floor is the “tolerance” and shelves are the “private”,
If this is indoctrinated then love is great.
All the features are obligatory to be fulfilled,
Hence the love becomes eternal, beautiful, sagacious and shield.
All the love that history knows,
Is found to be in every rose,
Yet all that could be found to be in two,
Is less than what I feel for you.
Once your love before death,
Once your hug before death,
Once your kiss before death,
Once your smile before death,
Once your scold before death,
Once your touch before death,
Can bring me back, god’s sake.

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