Immature Pain

To the one who lives in my heart
and I know not even how to start
but these lines are just to say
I love you every single day
I am hurt when you go away!

This is my first love,immature I know
and immature is the pain you give when u go
after the romantic company, I am left by I
I don’t know the reason why
my heart asks me_
Is that the immature love for whom you cry?

yeah! life is nothing but life is pain
and tears pour like pouring rain
you bloody killer, kill me at a time
to you, matters not my love and matters not a crime

Is my heart like a hell
or is it dirty as a brothel?
you scratch on me, hurt me yet
life dont want you to forget

Go away and stay happy
never come back again
but before going take away
your immature pain

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3 Responses on “Immature Pain”

Stacy MOlina says:

omgg i luvv ur poemits sooo awesome i just luvvv it!!!!!!!!!!

stefani says:

that sure remind me again……

Debasmita Acharya says:

m glad that yu went through my poetry n itz a pleasure….anyways, am soon gonna create a blog and i hope yu join it. i promise there would be much more romantic poetry so that yu can enjoy thoroughly….

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