Imaginative Love

Just let me hide in you
With secrecy of my love
Let me hold on to you
By breeding in your warmth.

In soft subtle feelings,
I touch you. Breathe life,
on dead embers to wild fire.
Off we burn ourselves.

In soft petal of hearts
We sleep dreaming.
By silky touch we fondle,
our ecstatic emotions.

in silence of night we see,
our fond thoughts glow.
observe our souls chat.
numb sweet expressions.

Eye to eye face to face,
We explore our passion.
In cover of darkness,
We scale our fantasy.

We fondle each other,
Untouched n’ unsung,
embrace into images,
wake up in each other’s cells.

Let me stream in your dream.
On surfing shores, we sleep.
Divine dew consecrate our souls,
while we exchange sensual kisses.

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