Images of YOU

My imagination could possibly capture
even the slightest bit of the magic
i’d felt since the day we meet
the unmistakable look in your eyes
the tremor in your voice
how our conversation can restore happiness
funny how we joke
can turn the whole day around
for all the thoughtfull words we share
helped along by our laugh
the more i got to know you
the more i liked you
how you let me
how much i mean to you
i allow myself to go to the place
it wasn’t mean to be
so i thought im yours
i can honestly swear that i love you
for what we’ve already shared
and i love you
now for the anticipation
of all that’s to come
can i help it
if i dont want this to end just yet
that years down the road
we can have what most people
can only dream about
i miss you already
but im sure in my heart
that you’ll be with me forever
im going to look at the year ahead
as a chance to know you even better
than i do
my thought of you that keep me going
i love you.

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