If I were a Bird

If i were a bird
If i were a bird, i would fly into ur room
want to hold ur hand n see u sleeping
dont want to disturb u from dreaming
just want to see ur little charming eyes

If i were a bird, i would take u to a sky
To see this wonderful world with my eyes
To have a journey through the star
To see pulchritude of god creation.

If i were a bird, i would take u to most exotic place in earth
bent on knee holding a flower
make u have an unprecedented feeling
i would say i love u

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4 Responses on “If I were a Bird”

riwa says:

you should be proud, your poem has wonderful meaning and wide imagination.
keep on:D

tajinder says:

ur poem has given me so much ,,,,,,,,,,i cant say in words ur poem really verry helpfulll

adeep says:

lvly lines…….great poem….

tina says:

just wowwwwww …..amazing

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