I Want To Love You

I want to be true wth u
I dont want to lie
but baby if I do
the reason is only you..

I want to love you
but you never care
because you love someone else
who is never here..

I hate your false promises
that you will never leave
will always love me
but you never did..

you are mine
we together dine
but in worlds of my dreams
afterall in reality u r never mine…
BUT whatever u do
I will alwys w8 for u
afterall baby
I loved u yesterday
I love u still
I alwys had

Category: Love Poems

4 Responses on “I Want To Love You”

vivek mishra says:

nice one…………..true lines

mee mee says:

Really like that poem.thank. ..poet

mee mee says:

If I’a boy, I want to show it to my gfri.

numa says:

It is really a heart touching poem…!

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