I Love You Till The End

It’s allow my inner resistance to melt
everytime you said
i love you
till the end
the sweetness of your voice
both liberating and comforting
i experience the sense of joy
each time you pamper me with a loving touch
how you make me feel
with your hugg and kissess
and i desired for more
i can feel how much i mean to you
everytime you said
i love you
till the end
you give me a measure of comfort
at end of everyday
eventhough sometimes i have a fear to explore
or to pursue my love for you
sometimes i cannot disregard what others have to say
but as i look deeply in my heart
my heart whispers above the roars
of my thinking mind
with joy and acceptance that we share
the light of love and understanding
that say’s i love you till the end.

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One Comment on “I Love You Till The End”

Every thing i do ,i do it for you my love says:

I love my love,her love is like a drug

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