I Forgive You

I think of those days
i never stand in your way
to make through another day
i forgive you
for causing hurt,
pain and distress
i forgive you
for the words unsaid
i forgive you
for not making it right
i forgive you
all of storms you’ve caused
in my silence
i tried to pointed out
that you’ve been wrong
hoping you would grow
out of them
and eventually
make you a better person
no,i’m not blind
to the fact
to the deep pain and despair
that you’ve caused
just that some
in a cyclic way
what ever you did
i dont want to do the same to you
in between you and i
the bottom of my heart
you will always find forgiveness
for love is not
about making demands
and life and love’s
challenges can be seen
as blessing in disguise.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

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where is true love?

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