I Don’t Know When U Will Be Back

i don’t know,when you will be back
i know u love me more then i do
ur love is sweet honest and pure
when u call me,all my heart beets fast
i love ur company,ur smell,ur blue shirt
ur madness,ur orders,ur anger sometimes
i can do anything to please u
i can tolrent any punishment u give me
i can suffer all day in the hot sun
to even look u even once and i sign any paper
just for u so u can make for me,cause i love
u so much ur memory is killing me
the day i wait for will come soon
i will bring all the flowers to spread in ur way
so u can walk on it and come straight to me
ur words r not only words,they r some white tiny flowers
called queen of night,which has long lasting smell
i love u from the bottom of my heart forever

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