I Am Your Angel

Please talk to me when sadness full your heart,
Please call me when somebody hurts you down,
When you are upset, even crying start,
When put on black and fearful, awful gown.
Please ask my help when your dreams will be broken,
When you decide to go another way.
Remember me, the words that have been spoken,
I can you warm, I always say “Please, stay!”
I always stop before you`ll do a foul,
I`ll give my hand to keep your mind for you.
I am your Angel and your happy soul…
I`ll send you words that I have ever knew.
I never let you be forever lonely,
I never push you if you go on blade.
I`ll help you fly when you are falling slowly,
When to be saved is really too late.
I`ll help to run away from evil`s thought,
I`ll give you love and kindness of my heart.
I`ll be your friend like God my soul taught,
I live for you and am your spirit part.

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Rathnashikamani says:

Touching poem!

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