How Is It With You

So when i love
it doesn’t matter if
i am loved in return
how is it with you
when i give my love
it still goes out
even if it never finds
it’s way back
how about you
i’ve given my love to a man
we walked the aisle
where the altars meet
but now things
are not like it was before
but there is no price
truly given love can pay
so i ask nothing in return
why should be given out
i’ve heard it said
but you know
whether you give your love,
your hand,money or time
and you’ve sacrificed
it should be given
not waiting for
a thank you heard
or not at all
call me strange
but it’s just how
i believe and live
when i give,i simply give
for it’s all by one thing i so do
dependent on nothing else
it’s simply by my choice
how is it with you.

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riju says:

you write and recite beautifully.Sorry but without your consent shared many poems.Hope you don’t mind.This is bad on my part should have taken youdr permission.SORRY.:p

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