He Took My Heart

He took my heart
and flew away
i was looking him everywhere
evry thing,in evry message
see him i my body
in my veins
in my blood
in my heart
he never show himself
but u can feel it
feeling him is good
he sings songs for u
when i go to bed
put his fingers in my
hairs,give me a soft kiss
on lips,every where
i close my eyes
and just feel ithe sings a
morning song for me
when i woke up
make me a tea
and slowly gives me with smile
i drink it and it energize me all day
i don’t need vitamins
his soothing words r every thing for me
i appreciate his company,his good night wishes
his morning songs
his blessings his all kind of love
without any desires
believe me there is no way
u can forget him
he is u and u r him
love does not want anything back
just wants to mingle and merges with
person someone love
they both made rainbow together
which is colourful and soothing
smiles,sings and after a while disappear
it will come again after rain some day

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