He`s All Mine!!!

Someone asked me today, what he means to me,
For the first time i was confused, Never thought i would be.

Its hard to believe he is not with me anymore,
Hard to believe that he doesnt love me anymore.

He can say all he wants, but i see it in his eyes,
He can try to look away but i can feel it in his voice.

Eventho i have listened to all his LIES,
he means the worls to me, and i knw he’ll always be mine.

So he can;t make me hate him, even if he tries
He is all i want till the end of TIME!!!

Category: Love Poems

3 Responses on “He`s All Mine!!!”

raman says:

wow!!! this poem is just great..
written with so many emotions..

and i can proudly say..that MY DI wrote this poem..with all her heart..and its so beautiful..u have to be in love to write something like this 🙂

love u di!! …smile karo ab pleaseee =]

shan says:

its so great poems,,,,i like it so..labyah..keep doing good..

bianca says:

nice poem keep up the good work

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