Happiness Can’t Be Found In Men’s Wallet.

You’d think you’d had learned by now
With all the treasures you have
Happiness can’t be found
In man’s wallet
But i guess the old saying is true
Sometimes we just never learn
I have to give you credit
At least you haven’t change
You still spread your legs
Flash that big ole smile
Seeking false prestige
You seem so devoted
On those public circles
When limelight shining on you
But when the door are close
We both know what you do
You just keep it hidden enough
So the wallet doesn’t go
Oh!i’ve heard all the words you say
That’s probably why you turn away
Try to pretend you see me
As though i don’t exist
Cause i know way too much
About the things you care to touch
I know all your secrets
But there’s no need to fear
I’ve cried all my tears
I’ve learned the hard way
Where love can’t be found
And i just saw it again today
Oneday i hope you learn it too
That happiness in love
Can’t be found no matter
How deeply you dig
They just don’t exist in man’s wallet.

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One Comment on “Happiness Can’t Be Found In Men’s Wallet.”

Juneah says:

True happiness exists in every one’s heart when everyone learned that “happiness isn’t something that money can buy”…

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