Dream Guy

Waiting for someone special
Been counting hours & minutes
Searching the world all around
Looking here & there everywhere
Sky is the limit
The person who would be
A friend and a guide
Supporting in times of need
Pampering in times of greed
Might play & fight
Or even tease at times
Hand in hand
Sailing along the way
Together in delight
Together in dismay
From start of days
Till end of nights
Whole of my world
Would revolve around him
With him being there
Everything’s worth a dime
Caring in bad moments
Taking pride in good ones
Each step of the journey goes on
Carving beautiful treasured memories
Our feelings precious untold
Enjoying life as it unfolds
Greeting the moon & the sun
Understanding one another
A little more each day
With passing sands of time
Two hearts become one someday
Endless love flowing forever
Anything that destiny gives
With smiles on our faces we take

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