Do Not Go Away

A single word can change the world
I found that out the night,
you asked me on 15th Feb, so politely,
“stay with me tonight.”

I looked into your gentle face
realized it must be a dream,
so before my head could say no
my body joyfully screamed.

As your eyes showed their relief
you softly touched my cheek,
you smiled then into my face
and my heart began to weep.

You wrapped me in your arms then
carried me to your bed,
you laid me gently down there
and not another word was said.

I realized that I loved you after
when you held me in your arms
and told me you would do anything
to stop me being harmed.

Ever since that night,
all the days that have passed us by,
you have taught me that i can be myself
I have no need to cry.

Because you are my Savior
you have shown me so much light,
ever since the day you said,
stay with me tonight.

We are all in the same boat,
in a stormy sea,
and we owe each other
a terrible loyalty

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2 Responses on “Do Not Go Away”

somnath paul says:

The poem is very very touchy for me. purono diner kotha mone porchhe. When one full night u were with me & we shared our relationship with each other though from a distance of 1500 km.

But it is still in my mind & thank u for reminding me.

Darun Likhechho.

paromita says:

I mean it for my own self….

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