Deep In Love

When i saw you first time,
I did the thing love crime
I fell in your love which is sweet
without my intension.
I never got sleep,
I was in your drug deep.
The clock is too lazy when your
Why dont you talk to me baby.
The nights kill me while i cant push
the time and loneliness pierce inside,
Why cant you hug me when I lay my
shoulders wide.
I am lonely in dark desert,
finding the way which is useless
Loving You is my favourite mistake,
Trust me for my pure soul,this love
isn’t fake.
When i look in your lovely blue
I cant say no, i feel hypnotise.
Hear my thanking voice o’ Jesus,
for your beautiful creation of sea
She is beautiful queen in heart of
I want to be selfish for the honey
this bee.
Then what are you waiting for,
Come to me there may be tomorrow or
-The dude who makes place in everybody’s heart. . . . . . .
-God’s Chosen One. . . . . .

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2 Responses on “Deep In Love”

Ali says:

very nice poem.
why alwayz guys are supposed to suffer?

erwin estrella says:

for u mahal ko i love u so much..

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