Death Of Love

One daughter of father, the very poor,
For, beauty was known she everywhere.
Darkness, she could turn to moon’s light,
Knew well, Beauty will be no longer there,
Ones Inert brightness was too on face.
In a cloudy night, but in presence of moon,
Caught coming of men near father’s place,
Saw a knight, with charm like a dwelt noon.
Eyes struck eyes, and then drizzled the love,
As they whispered, drizzling turned to flood.
With a promise of coming, he left his love,
Only she was through, so shed tears of blood.
Had prayed too, with him he her should take,
Loved shouldn’t be a passenger, father told.
Held pearls in eyes, for darling father’s sake,
With faith and memories, she herself holds.
Winters passed, trust ‘n beauty still waiting,
Any layer cannot keep promises ever done.
Storm of terrible dream make her shaking,
Comes to know, man met was man of none.
Dark dream unfolded is by the reality white,
To teach him a lesson, she took one decision.
Rode horse though jungle two days ‘n nights,
Every step sought her loving’s death vision.
Face blue and breaths jammed in the chest,
Land grew red, had entered a field of dead.
Sought that souls were gone to take long rest,
Gazed and found thirst and demand of bread.
Eyes looked everywhere, but found nowhere,
Tired body, iron heart, moved with a new start.
Distance away, in the valley of fresh and old,
There she found knight, the beat of her heart.
But her eyes burst to see him in old arms lying,
On seeing him half dead ‘n alive, pearls drained,
The reason she had got of his to her not coming.
For beautiful lame trust, she to herself cursed.
She moved to him, kissed him on his forehead,
To see her presence knight’s eyes got brightened.
Couldn’t get her feelings and moving away from bed.
Half legged man, slightly his only head he turned,
Pushed shinning sword out with heart full of pain,
Looked in his eyes and through her it, she passed.
Thundering occurred and there was a heavy rain,
Not the belief but truth and power of love existed.
Never in self but belief in others is ‘Death of Love’.

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