Come To Me

Don’t love me, if you’re going to leave me.
Never come near me, if you’re going far away forever.
I want to hear those words, just say for me.
Your only beauty can’t give relief to me.
For a while just come near and please, please me
I want to show you my love, dear come near me.
Don’t love me, if you’re going to hate me.
If you’re afraid of world, then please belief me.
Don’t forget your promise, with which you pleased me.
I need’ not your body, I just want your soul.
I will never leave your hand; just once give it to me.
It’s the sound of my heart, please listen to me.
Never hold my hand if you’re going to make me alone.
Beauty is for a time, but love remains forever.
I am gazing at the way, on which you’ll come to me,
I just want to be yours, Come if you trust me,
C.K as oliver

3 Responses on “Come To Me”

sadia says:

beautiful poem,evn im feelng same as urs.

C.K as oliver williams says:

merci thanks a lot dear.

Seexy says:

this is awesome i love it thanks again and god blees you

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