Been A Year Maybe More

Been a year maybe more
since your pretty smile
passed upon my eyes
and that sweet voice
fell upon my ears
been a year maybe more
since i felt
the warmth of your touch
been a year maybe more
since we laughed
so hard we cried
felt the grape
against our tounge
it is with you and i
a day,a month,a year
all seem the same
when the blue meets green
and we see each other again
time fades away
with each step we take
untill in each others arms we touch
and everything simply melts
it’s funny world this one
belong to you and i
where there is no time
of passing off
just you and i
and continuing in our love.

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4 Responses on “Been A Year Maybe More”

amandeep saini says:

beatiful poetry..nice to c..

clairvoyantdestiny (jhoyce) says:

thank you 🙂

Terry Mcdee says:

this is so beautiful

Rosie says:

i njoy reading ur poem.

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