Alphabet of LOVE

Reaching out for someone whom I can talk to
About the man I love who just break my heart.
Looking through the virtual friend in net;
Place you some offline messages that says;
“Hear me please, for I have something to say”.

When you replied and we have some talk
I felt that you’re a friend so dear to whom I can walk.
Looking forward as each day passes by;
Leaving you tags, comments and messages everyday,
In my own simple way to say “Thank you my friend”.
And then oh so suddenly, I felt something different.
May this could be the start of something new than just a love for a friend?

Not knowing that you always care for me for so long,
On the day you told me, you’ve loved me all along;
Love me so sweetly and promised to marry me!
Let my heart beats faster and thought this isn’t real.
And then you told me, “WE, OUR Dreams will be fulfilled for REAL”.
Now, this time I’m sure, it’s a dream-come-true to start with the “Alphabet of LOVE” we both knew…

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2 Responses on “Alphabet of LOVE”

Juneah says:

Labs, (Mario John Landicho) i hope you will always remember this poem… take care always… I LOVE YOU more than you’ll ever know… God Bless.. Pls. Keep in touch.

Juneah says:

This one is based on the experience of my close friend MAY…

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