A Flame Still Remains

Damn be the curse of onesided love
that never ends
damn be an unconditional love
how is it to stop your heart
when all is want to do is pound
as it hopelessly bleeds
after being cut out
what is about women
who never seem to learn
how to just move on
oh,GOD,i couldn’t assure it so
if i only knew how to let go
theres certainly no joy
in carrying this pain
i’m so sick of drowning in the rain
i’d love to run from under the clouds
to discover a new shining sun
it’s just my damn feet
refuse to move
or perhaps my heart standing firm
hoping for support
much like the porch of a house
no longer there
that even though knowing
the foundation is gone
it refuses to think itself
as being alone
refusing to give in
to the darkness of the night
or coldness of the weather
knowing somewhere deep inside
a flame still remains.

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