Why God Made So

Why the heart of glass,
That ruptured once, can’t be made flash.
Why the body of mud,
That washed once, can’t be fabricated as it was.
The query in me spouts and spouts,
“Who asked that, who here is unanswered”,
I heed commencing from the lout.
I was moved “what that voice in gale”,
I was unaccompanied, its tangle.
A dazzling glow looms near,
My mind was jam-packed with fear.
“I am the god”,”I am the whole”, replies the light,
I couldn’t craft what was the plight.
The light explicates “each day many of my children dies on earth,
And you cry for your mom who gave you birth;
The life has come, so it has to go,
Don’t worry dear its life cycle, you will also follow”.

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