What’s The Number?

“He’s a poet, lo & behold,
He thinks he can change the society & world!” –
The proud man laughed at me…
His fellow men mocked at me…
And finally asked me –
“I’ve brain, I’ve memory,
I’ve intelligence, I’ve money,
But what have thee??
You’re nonsense, you poets are selfish,
You criticize, people you can tease,
Well, tell us what you’ve gotta say
Before we kick & force you to leave???”
Then I gazed at the group laughing –
Taunting at me from around, & then encircling,
And than I softly began –
“Nine spiders though each has
Four pairs of useful legs,
They may be totally useless
When the spiders are senseless of dead;
Three-bedded deluxe room is useless,
Even it has,
Five doors & five wide windows,
Nine bathrooms but zero beds at all!
Nine of you stand here now, all around me,
Two eyes each of you have,
But I’ve something else called vision –
The Third eye…at number three; that you don’t possess!”
Now each of them looked at the other,
And then finally at me.
The proud man slowly asked (though now perplexed) –
“What? What do you mean??”
I simply smiled & replied,
“Using my third eye I’ve got more poems to write,
I’m in a hurry, I’m getting late,
Call me up, if you need any help!”
“But…but what’s your contact number??”
The perplexed man asked again (now more confused);
I said:
“I’ve just given you my number”
“But where???”
“Just use ya Third eye, if you’ve…!
Gimme da call when you crack!!!”

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