What is Truth?

What is truth? What is falsehood?
The mind knows; the heart doesn’t.
Logic sees; feeling doesn’t.
Truth is truth when the heart sees it,
Feels it, knows it, believes it,
Till it becomes a part of me, one with me.

Truth must be one’s passion,
The fountain of life, strength, and energy.
It must be water to the thirsty,
Food to the hungry,
Medicine to the sick,
Wealth to the poor.
Or else, truth is a stranger
That keeps no friend.

Everybody sells ‘truth’, but are they all real?
Objects with the same name, but different colors, shapes, sizes, odor.
What is the standard of truth?
Who will specify the mark of truth?
Where is its hologram? Does it have a master?
If one claims to be its owner; how do we know that’s true?

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